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Letters instead of Planets in the Charts

ANSWER: First of all. Reboot. Believe me, that often cures this problem.

If you did not reboot after installing, that is probably why it is

happening. Secondly, if that doesn't work, reinstall the fonts. There is

a copy of them in the program folder. Drag these into your Fonts control

panel (on the PC) and onto your System Folder (On the Mac). Then reboot.

Here's more detaill about reinstalling the fonts on Windows machines

(non-Macintosh computers):

Our installer places the fonts you need to run our program, including

one constaining all the standard Jyotish symbols, into your Windows

system. My experience is that it ALWAYS does this, but sometimes they

don't work until you reboot, and sometimes, rarely, these automatically

installed fonts don't work at all. I don't know why this is. So if

you've already rebooted (restarted) your computer since installing GJ,

and they still show letters in the chart instead of what it's supposed

to show, then you need to proceed to "reinstall the fonts" because you

are apparently one of the unlucky few for whom it didn't work the first

time, darn it.

So, here's how you do it. First, open our folder either using Windows

Explorer (found in the Start Menu, to Programs, then look for it there),

or by simply opening "My Computer", then your C drive, or the drive you

put our program on, then our folder. So either way, if you get to where

you are looking into our folder, which is usually called GorJyoV2, then

you'll see in there is another folder called "Fonts". This contains a

copy of the fonts you need to run our program.

So get that window open, the one called "Fonts", so that you can see the

fonts inside it. You are going to need to drag these fonts eventually in

this process, and when you do, you want to drag the 5 fonts themselves,

NOT the folder they are in. Just the fonts.

Then, once you have that window open, you want to also open another

window on the screen, and you need to be able to see both at once, so

you'll want to move the first window over so that it occupies just say

roughly one half of the screen, or is on one side of your screen.

Then, you need to go to the Control Panels folder and open the Fonts

folder you'll find in there. That's the "Windows own" fonts folder.

That's the folder contained all the fonts currently installed into your

Windows operating system, hence available to applications to use. So

you're ultimately going to want to copy the fonts from MY FONTS folder

in the GorJyoV2 folder, into the WINDOWS FONTS folder which you get out

of the Control Panels folder.

So go Start, to Settings, to Control Panels, and let go, and that will

open the control panels window. Then double click in there on the FONTS

folder, and that will open a window showing lots of font names. You can

now CLOSE the control panel window just to get it out of the way.

Move this newly opened Control Panel derived FONTS window over to the

OTHER side of your screen, so that you can see it AND the origianl one

you opened out of the Goravani Jyotish folder.

Now pull down the View menu in the WINDOWS (control panel) FONTS window

so that it's a list or details, which sorts them all by name therein.

Now scroll up and down and find my fonts if they're in there, and if

they are, then DELETE the copy you find in there. My fonts are called:






These five fonts, if you find them in there, then DELTETE them out of

there. I'm speaking right now about the CONTROL PANELS derived fonts

window, which can also correctly be called the WINDOWS fonts window,

because it contains all the fonts currently installed into your Windows

operating system.

DO NOT throw my fonts out of MY font folder, which contains ONLY my

fonts, and which was dervived out from MY directory, my program folder,

which is usually called GorJyoV2. So get the right fonts and throw them

out if you find them as I mentioned.

Next, drag my fonts, the 5 fonts shown above, from MY fonts folder, over

INTO the Windows fonts folder, and let go. They will install. This is

good. You want to copy them from my fonts folder to "their" fonts

folder. This installs them into Windows, your operating system. They

will then be available to all programs for use wherever True Type fonts

are used.

You can then close up everything, restart your computer (shut it down

then start it up again). You then launch my program. You should then see

all the planet glyphs as you would expect.

Thanks, you're becoming a computer genious!