GJ  Upgrades


We currently sell both versions 2.5 and 3   (I need more info)

If you have prior to 2.5 and are on Windows, you can upgrade to either. Any other situation and you can upgrade to 3.  For example, Macintosh OSX can only use 3.  All OSX users do not have 2.5 as a choice. Someone with 2.5 on Windows can only go up to 3.

If you have previously purchased JS3 and want the update to a newer release (latest being release 7 from November 2008), the download from our link is free. If you wish to get a CD instead of a download link, the charge is $10 to cover costs.

Upgrades are full complete programs that do not require the presence of a previous program. See “Backup” below !

If you are one who has a choice between 2.5 and 3, note that if you go with 3, you also get 2.5 for free.  You can install both on the same Windows machine, run either one.

If you don’t know which version you previously bought, write to us. Be sure to give your name, and any other things that we might need to find you in our database.


We Run On Both

Goravani was founded in 1993, and continues today by the same original programmer.


Anyone can Download the software by clicking here. and if you are buying the software, new or upgrade, then you should.

It is activation that turns it on, not downloading and installing it. Paying for the software or an upgrade gets you into our Database of Users, which is the only way to get acivation codes.  And, only previous users can buy upgrades.  These are standards in the software industry.  The e-mail address for activations is das@goravani.com

BUYERS: Once you download and install the software, you will be presented with “Activation”, which when you do, it will give you a seed number to send to us.  Leave that window and the Goravani program open, and switch to your email, and email us the seed number, and we’ll e-mail you back the code you need right away.


About the Upgrades and Backing Up First !

The upgrades are ALWAYS complete, new, full, installations of the software.  While I have endeavored to teach the installers to NOT overwrite your pre-existing datafiles in the JS3 installer line, still, all users should back up their data before installing an upgrade since it is a complete new installation and therefore MAY LIKELY OVERWRITE your existing datafile, where all your charts are stored.  If you do not mind re-entering your charts, then install, you have no problem. If you wish to save the charts you entered, you may export them using the “Export All Charts” you will find on the “Export/Import” menu under “File” in the software.  So export your charts, save that file, and then install, then you can use this file to re-import your charts into the new installation using the opposite command on the same menu.  In JS3 you can save the files “Charts and Charts related” out of the JSDatafiles folder inside the JS3 folder on your hard drive, if you know how to do such things.


Upgrading to 2.5 is U$ 50

Upgrading to 3 is U$ 50

purchase through the Store