The Goravani Theory


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If you are interested in God, Creation, How Things Work, then read on for more input.

As you sow, so shall ye reap

OK, but you sow according to your brain chemistry

Your thoughts are NOT a free thing at all, chemistry, conditioning, limitations, ad nauseam, fully fated.

So anyone "reaping" is a victim, for they did not SOW

In fact, all thought, action, and reaction, can be traced back to the original energetic start of this creation which is called the Divine Source, and it's unknown will in tossing this place and tossing witnessing sentient life into it is the Reason for life, and the Divine Will IS DONE, we don't need to pray for that, that is all that is happening always, for everything is simply the complex bouncings and interactions of the original intent of the original energy toss by the Divine Source.

I am speaking from human knowledge Christian Year 2009

I am Das Goravani, speaking from a base of knowledge primarily founded on my realizations, learnings and findings while studying


Bhagavad Gita

Jyotish Astrology

General Astronomy and Physics


Religion in General

Human History and Archaeology

In the search for answers to life’s biggest questions, I have studied the above for my 50 years of life and am ready to put forward a theory on our existence, it's possible basis, function, and possible purpose or conclusion.

Topmost Summary

Act as one with all other life while being your individual self, play your part, in the whole, feel the flow of Divinity all around always, be a piece of the One. Follow Free Will, accept Determinism after acts.

2nd Summary

The creation we see as humans through our scopes both big and small, that is the visible realm. Preceding and following it or "outside of it" are the two invisible realms "the source" or "foundation" and the "future" which is also "destination of or purpose of" the creation.  So what precedes the visible, and where we are going, are mysteries, invisible, but we can infer about them from the visible. Having inferred fully from all sources I've come across and could imbibe, I find that the source is some infinite growing life which is unified and has parts, and that we are midstream in being created, and our destination is the "normal state" or the "foundation" instead of the "creationary stage" we are currently in.

3rd Summary

When the infinite life is expanding into nothingness in all directions, there is the creationary stage at the edge of the Spiritual Realm.  We are in that creationary stage on the edge of the Spiritual Realm.  What seems to us like billions of years, is all contained within a second of time in the real realm, which is the Spiritual Realm.  After our second of creation, during which we pass through millions of lifetimes here to learn everything, we appear there, or, this place becomes that rather, this energy, becomes ultimately fully Spiritualized and Permanent, in a sense, beyond what we consider permanent in this fiery creationary stage.

4th Summary

As your past years you've already lived seem over in a flash, and as a dream seems over once you awake, so too is our memory of millions of lifetimes here, when we arrive there, since time is relative, it seems like nothing, but in that bleep of a dream of our million lifetimes here, we learn everything we need to know to be parts of that finality of this place.  We are riding the sparks of this creation to their perfection.  The energy that now makes up our Sun, our Earth, Ourselves, will all still be there, but transformed, slowly, through evolution, into Spirit, and the souls, the spirits, us, the witnesses inside the material bodies, will still be here, still separated parts, but much smarter.

Just as now on Earth, all over the Earth, people know what pants and shoes are, what a shovel is, what an airplane is almost all of us...  almost all of us know that writing exists, and many of us write.  This is way past the evoloutionary place we were even four thousand years ago.  So one could say, as a Species, as a whole, the Human Conception of Life has grown much more complex, rich, scientific... you can use all kinds of words and they will all be true, for we have so "evolved".

We will continue to evolve to higher states, and the logical conclusion of all inferrence is that we will evolve towards greater ease and great comfort, greater expression, greater communication, greater abundance, joy, etc., for these are the things we the living entities continually seek always and everywhere automatically.

5th Summary

All matter, even thoughts, are controlled by laws, which we call physics, and mathematics.  Thoughts, for example, can be brought down to chemical and electronic types of firings in the brain, and they are subject to laws of chemistry, physics, etc.  The experiencer insider the head only witnesses the life happen; the witness is only a witness.  It does nothing.  Everything is just the laws of nature bouncing off itself.  Everything here, is just energy bouncing and spinning.  There is a huge empty space, into which someone threw energy, which has coagulated into various objects like galaxies, stars, gas, planets, dust, etc.

On one ball, this Earth, there are witnesses inside bodies made of that same material energy.  These combined units of consciousness and matter are called living beings, animals and humans.  These creatures are called "Sentient" indicating that they experience life, or feel life.  This experience is simply witnessing.

What the mind inside the material body does with the information it's senses gather is sometimes made up, or a lie, or false.  For example, a person may see a rope, and momentarily think it is a snake. 

The Jyotish Argument for "Cause of All Causes"

One of the main propositions of the Goravani Theory is that all energy is in motion due to one original causal motion at the moment of creation. Since then, the energy put into this field/area, the entire universal cosmos we know and see and cannot see, has been boucing, re-bouncing and become more and more complex is interactive wave formations.

Out of this has come all things including matter, planets and humans and their thoughts and emotions.

All these things are matter controlled by complex physical laws that do not vary at all ever. Therefore, matter could never take an alternate course.  Alternate course and free will are pure illusions given the plain blunt facts of physics.

So all, everything, that is happening, in all spheres of life, including human thought and choice, since we know these are brain chemistry driven, thus putting them to into the realm of physics, was all contained in the original toss in the original causal throw.

So, therefore, the original cause of all causes is the only source and causal active agent of all that has happened here.

Therefore, this agent, or God, we could say, is basically raising a batch of witnesses to their own education through believing they choose what is actually laid out for them, leading us to conclude that this can only be for the reason of creating non-robots, free thinking, "I earned it", comrades to be with in a more eternal space.  This is god's school for new souls.

I know that this place goes "tick tock" because I have studied Jyotish Vedic Hindu Astrology for 15 years solid with little distraction.  I've been at the center of all studying it, to some degree, because of my software which many would buy, during which time they would talk to me.

So my knowledge of Jyotish or the planetary patterns matching human lives is quite extensive, accurate, and has me fully convinced.

I know for sure that people's lives follow their charts and we predict often correctly, and match past events without being told of them.  I know Jyotish works.

So I know all lives go on a tick tock rhythm along with the universe.

It is not that the planets "do it to you".  No, it is that you are floating on one of them, and they are all travelling in a spinning pattern based on the original toss, so basically it's synchronicity and repeating patters that astrology is about. 

What this shows is that there are energy field emitted from many bodies, and the planets, where matter coagulated in space, are nodes of repeating spinning energy waves meeting points.  These same waves are sweeping all things including all matter on earth including all matter in a fetus in the womb of a mother as it develops.

So as a fetus develops, it's atoms are being affected by all waves that pass through and around them that can affect them.  They are many we know and some we have yet to find out.

I can see from intelligence that space as we know it today is FULL of waves, from everything.  Every single object emits waves, every human emits waves, and machines do, stars, suns, planets, ships, planes, cell phones, emotions...plants.

So we are in complex wave fields, and actually, we interact by waves...  we talk using sound waves and we see each other using light waves.  We wave our muscles to make body language and the changing waves of light patters that makes which is visible to the other humans communicates to them, in pure light wave patterns, a complex meaning.

All that we are made of is energy spinning in complex patters and formations, and all parts of us are emitting waves and receptive to and sensitive to all waves around us, some of them we don't even know about.

The Witness is the consciousness only.  The awareness, the light that turns the body on, the spark of life, is just a witness.  It has a degree of achievement as well as a nature as parts of it.  One of those can change the other is permanent.  One is what is learned and increased by living lives in the material world.

After many lives, the living being with it's real nature is fully trained.  Midway it is, it's nature but only partially trained, and partially mature, and therefore only partially trustworthy.  This being the school, and most being midway, there is lots of cheating and crimes.

As we all mature, things will improve, as it is meant to, after the lessons are learned, all in good time, things will get better, they are constantly getting better. Retrogression may be possible too, like a football star who blows it and goes to jail. In general, we are heading towards maturity as souls.

The witness sees the life unfold, and automatically due to his intense enlosure and strong linkage to that exact material body, identities with it's life pattern, which although fixed, is appearing to the witness for the first time, so like a movie, it unfolds, and the fortunes and failures set to befall that body unfold before the eyes of the witness, who identifies with the choices made by it's mind and carried out by its hards, identifies with the minds choices, suffers accordingly as punishments and pains come to that particular life and body, and sees himself as the one dying when that body dies.

However, the witness doesn't die, only the lesson body dies.  The witness moves on with his accumulated lesson intelligence to the next lesson set in the next body.

It's all automatic, you only just witness and it's made to seem very real.  Ultimately this entire realm is destroyed by some Sun supernova or similar, and so, lamenting over the Earth's ultimate future is useless.  Same goes for any colonies we manage in space.

Bottom line is we are fragile, and probably ultimately doomed.  Then, furthermore, everything will eventually be eaten by black holes, or something.  God, or eternity, will smash this cosmos into something else entirely.

So this is not at all our eternal home.  It's our home for a very short time.  There's no point in resisting addressing this subject because it's the most real subject in our lives.

In the witness theory, which is taught in Hinduism's "Bhagavad Gita", spoken by Krishna, it is understood that:

The supreme provides and knows all

The small souls, us, do not know all

We are new and being trained

We are heading towards perfection

Problems, this realm, these lives, teach us

We do not actually do anything

We are the souls, the witnesses

Our bodies come and go, but we grow in knowledge

We the witness's make it to our destination

This is all pre planned

To create independent thinking "angels"

Who all earned their wings by hard lessons

Not by just being made perfect by God

This is the reason, to earn your spirituality perfection

That is the reason for creation

We are all moving forward in this process

Some are further along, and teach

Some are just starting, have troubles, need more help

Learning is inevitable, none are outside this system

So in this understanding the material energy and realm are seen as a school, into which the souls are cast, to repeat a number of bodies, in which periods they learn, and eventually there is a  perfection stage reached.

This is more scientific and systematic than claiming God's plan involves one man who appears at one time in history.  That is very centric and not scientifically broad.  (Religions like Islam, Judaism, Christianity etc, all God and Nation Centric "Religions" and "Kingdoms" etc., all man made, all un scientific, all dying at this time, all false in my eyes, though sometimes they are the books that hold our past thoughts, aspirations, ambitions, dreams, hopes, etc., and to that end, of being records of our journey, they are of high sentimental value to all of us, Amen.

©Copyright 2009

by Das Goravani