Many/Most questions are answered in the links below.

If you cannot find what you are looking for below, then e-mail with your questions, and be sure to give your name, version of GJ you are speaking of, as well as the problem. Common versions of GJ are 2.26, 2.5 and 3 or JS3.  GJ3 and JS3 are the same thing. Some of you may have versions prior to 2.26 still on older machines.

Technical Support Topics

Transfering chart data from v3 to v5 on the Macintosh

Windows 7  64 bit  Operating System  Video of MUST DO FIX

Most Common Technical Support Questions and Answers

Regarding Beneath a Vedic Sky

If you get the "Datafiles Full" Message

If you get single letters where the planets should be

Macintosh Font Re-Install for JS3 Rev 7 and Later

Finding Sada Sati

Movies  (YouTube will open in a separate Window)

Jyotish Studio 3 Training 1

Jyotish Studio 3 Training 2

Another Jyotish Studio Traning Basics

Installing JS3

Fix Fonts on Windows

Datafiles Full Fix for GJ 2.x

How Houses Work in Astrology by Das Goravani

Introduction to some basics

How to read a chart intro

Jyotish Basics Chart Styles & more

A part of a lecture in Sweden