saving all data


Saving all data on a Macintosh

This is for when there has been an upgrade of Jyotish Studio, on the Macintosh, and you want to save all your data, not just your charts, from the old version into the new.

This operation is done in the Finder, so you want to get other programs closed or somehow out of your way.

To begin, go to the Finder, hold down the Option key, and select Library from the Go Menu. Either a window you have open will change to reflect the Users Library, or a window will open for that.

Now pull down File menu to New Finder Window and thus open another Finder window. Make sure it is on top, and again, hold down Option and select Library from the Go menu.

Now place these two windows side by side.

In one of them, say on the left, find Application Support and open it, either by double click or twist it open. Therein, find Omnis and twist it open, and you will have something like this picture, though with less things in it:

Now twist open the older of the two, say Jyotish Studio 5 instead of Jyotish Studio 5.1, twist open just the Five version. The older version. The one we want to DRAW FROM.  When you twist it open, a number of folders will appear. Find and twist open the one called Startup. You will then have something like this:

Now go to the other window, and find Applications Support, and twist it open, and find Omnis, and twist it open, Find the NEWER VERSION, say JS5.1, and twist it open, so that you can see the Startup folder, but you don’t have to open it.

Now drag JSDatafiles, the folder, from the left OLDER Window and drop it on Startup in the window that represents the newer version, say 5.1.

It will ask you if you wish to replace what is in there, say yes.

Now you are done. You can close these windows and launch your newer program, and it will have all the data in it because you brought over the data folder from the older version to the newer one.

One caveat with doing this is that any new data we put into the new datafiles for the new version will not be there in your data, which is from the old version. In the case of 5.0 and 5.1, this means that the restore records for the built in window styles will not be there, so you won’t be able to restore the built in Window Styles to original ever, only new ones you create will have a restore record. New ones are made by formatting an existing one and then clicking Save Window style.

This is not a reason to be worried. Maybe only to be aware of.