gj3 printing


This is the Printout’s or Reports selection window.   Notice it is on “Charts” on the Left Side.  There are many other sections, each revealing a different right side, a new set of buttons on right, for each button on left.  Notice Color and B/W.  You can set the colors of Borders and that of text, for use across printouts, if you want a basic color change of ink from black in your printouts.  That’s what “Color” means.  It turns that on.  You set your two colors in the Settings window, under Prefs, of course !

Report Sets !   I’m proud of how well I did this.  You can hilite a line, see the report sample, which is a real picture of the actual printout, and you can check it, to add it to the set, and you can drag and drop the lines to set the order of how they printout in the set.  You can make as many sets as you like.  Notice the name of the current set above the list, and notice up there too your New, Print, Delete buttons.  This is quite a powerful print set generator or feature!

GJ3 has many printouts which are absolutely beautiful and fantastic looking.  They set new standards.  Some of them print from the feature windows themselves, where you control things, like here, where the dasha report uses your settings from the window to determine what the printout looks like...it mimics your window but in print form !

This is the Color Charts Printout page on the Print Window.  Notice the selection menu at the top. There are many to choose from.

GJ3 has many printouts. When printing, you always have the choice to send the report to the screen instead of the printer.  This allows you to look at exactly what it will look like.  Consider “Screen” as “Preview” of printouts.  Many printouts have been made to be sent to text files as an option. This especially applies to listing which have use mostly outside of the program. Not all printouts have been made to go to text correctly, only the one’s for which it really matters.  All printouts are of course designed for printing !  Many windows have their own printing for that feature alone, but below is the main Printouts window for any chart you enter. When you say Print, this is what appears.


We knew that your Greatest Fear (I’m kidding) would be that you would not be able to print those beautiful chart windows.  Fear not printing people, you have been liberated !  You can now print those colorful things, and experience happiness buying new ink cartridges !

Many Beautiful Color Printouts to choose from.  Use one as the Cover for charts you pass out. Use them as the way of presenting charts for classes, or articles, to add beauty and interest.