GJ pricing and licensing Info



Goravani Jyotish Software version 2.5 is $195

Goravani Jyotish Software version 3 is $295

Upgrade to GJ v 2.5 is $100

Upgrade to GJ v 3 is $150


Our program downloads and installs from the CD, always in “demo mode”.  So, it can be downloaded freely because you cannot enter new charts until you enter an “Activation Code”, which we give to users who have purchased the software.  We keep a database of our users, and when they request an activation code through e-mail with their name, we look them up, confirm they are a user, and then e-mail back the Activation Code.


Our software runs on Macintosh and/or Windows computers.  We put both installers on our CD.  We put the download freely on this website, for both.  When you purchase our software, you have a right to both versions.  If you have a Mac and a PC, you may install on both of them without any additional charge. Version 2.5 only runs on Windows (XP and Vista for ex.), and version 3 beta runs on Windows and also on Mac OSX.

How many computers

We understand that you may have more than one computer which is “yours”, such as one at home and one at work, or multiple computers at home.  So, we do not restrict the number of activation codes you receive.  We always give you a code, should you need it, to reinstall, because computers break, virus’s strike, hard drives die, and so many other reasons.  We reserve the right to be suspicious and ask questions if someone over uses the service and is obviously therefore abusing us.  The original understanding for all software is one copy on one computer.  So we are more open, being sensitive to the times, but watch so that we are not abused.


We will give a refund for full software purchases if requested within 30 days of purchase, but we reserve the right to keep $20, to cover the various costs of the transactions or both purchase and refund with credit cards, shipping, etc. 

These are the NORMAL prices, there is a SALE going on currently, see store