gj3 planet lists


Two Planet Lists, the old and new

It has the one, above, from GJ 2.  It’s nice.  It’s more list like. It always has that same look of lines.

The new one is more creative. Has more info too.  Below I’ll show you some of the tabs going across it...see the tabs across the top of the lower gray window?  Those tabs.  Let’s look through some now.

This last one just above here, is the Dasha Merge feature.  It allows you to merge dasha systems and see the periods date frames after merging, so instead of being in one dasha and one period of that dasha, you can see a colorful (or other) display of the planets across a few dasha systems, and a few levels of each.  I think above I have accepted the default merge, which is 2 levels of each of Vimshottari, Yogini, Ashtotari, and Kalachakra.  The graph shows which planets show up more. Note you can click a line and see the emphemeris on that date

The “Planet List” shows you where the planets are, in a chart. It gives essential planetary data in a table format.