Mac installation


After downloading the installer, find it in the upper left corner of your downloads folder, which if you click, will show a picture like shown here.  Then you just click on the JyotishStudio5.dmg file.

Created on October 10th 2019  ©2019 by Goravani

This image is from the Safari browser which has this little button at the top right of the browser window, which is for watching the progress of downloads. If you click it, it exposes a progress bar that shows you how far it has to go. In our case, for some reason, it doesn’t know the ultimate size, but in fact it is 153 MB, so when it gets up to that amount, it will be finished.

Next you will come to the open disk image window. Here you follow the instructions on the window itself. It tells you to drag the blue ball, and the manuals, not shown, which is Jyotish Studio 5 itself, onto the Applications Folder alias on the right.  You just drag the ball onto the folder and drop it.  Then when that is done copying, you double click on the yellow package at bottom, to install the fonts JS5 uses. That installer goes through a few easy steps itself. Very intuitive.  Now you are done with Installation, and it’s time to Run the Program.

Open your Hard Drive, or a Finder window, and select the Applications Folder. Therein look for Jyotish Studio 5 as shown here.  Double click on it to launch it.

You will then be asked if you are sure you want to run this application which was downloaded from the web, which of course you do, so you click Open.

The operating system then verifies the program, which only takes a few moments.

At last you come to the first window of Jyotish Studio 5 than one sees, and this is called the “Demo Activation Checkpoint”.  If you are looking at the demo, click the Run in Demo Mode.  If you have purchased the program and wish to turn it on fully, click the Activate now button and follow the instructions on the Window that appears.

This is the Activation Window. On it is a seed number you need to email to us, and we get a corresponding Activation code from our special program for that, and we email you that code. So you email us the seed, and we send you back the code. Email your seed number to, and as well to, put us both on the email’s address list. That way one of us will get to you as soon as possible.  LEAVE this window OPEN while waiting for the return code. You can do other things in front of it while you wait, but leave it open in the background, and then when you get the code in email, enter it into the yellow field which is for the code, then click OK.  You will then be activated. Then the chart list window will appear, along with the QuickStart Users Guide which will help you get up and going as quickly and clearly as possible.