GJ3 Features




As you can see, you can put pictures for people into their charts, and they appear in a few places, so far, like here, where one of our people, me, has a picture in place, whereas for the other chart, the picture is empty.  Nevertheless, the match is compared, and you can read the usual Kuta output comments from GJ.

On the next window, we are shown a list of lineups between the two charts. This is unique to GJ 3.  It shows a plus or minus to give you a clue if it’s a usually good or not so line up.

Life Events!

Events means something that happened on a date in your life.  So if it is entered, it can be shown in dasha lists, or clicked on to see the transits.  What if one click could set ALL your open windows to that date, as it applies to each?  It can, it DOES !

It’s called “Synchronize by date clicks” and it’s a part of GJ 3 right now and it works.  So once you enter events, well they become one thing you can click on that will set other windows, like find lines in dashas and spin transit windows, all to the right date. !

Recently Used Cities

When you use a city anywhere in the program, it is added to this list, which pops up wherever the atlast resides.  So you can easily select cities you often use, without retyping their names over and over.

Readings - Fully Indexed   ALL the words in your readings are indexed, see list at upper left, click one, see readings at right that contain word, text below.

Shad Bala (and Other Strengths Systems)

Kakshya Transits

Aspects Tables

Transit Hits Window - A Very Power Feature

E-Mail Text Chart Control Window

Ashtaka Varga Southern  and Northern Styles

Karaka Helper Window Based on Chart

Karakas are significators. In this window, your planetary placements house, sign, ruler, and the planet itself, have lists of their significations, for you to use to understand the combinations that could arise out of your placements.

Hindu Months - Lunations - Stations  Lists

Note that you can output the lists to text files. These are simply three important listings of celestial events important to Vedic Astrologers.

Nakshatras and Signs/Shastiamshas
This is an example of the many small feature windows.  There are many.


Readings - Basic List   The list of your readings is above, click one, and it’s text and tags causing it show below.

Readings  &  Interpretations 

Vedic Moon Spousal Compatibility

Strength Judgement Tables