Datafiles full


If you receive the message “Datafiles are full”, then you need to do this procedure.

This procedure will create a second segment of your datafile. The first one is full, at around 250 MB, which is it’s limit. In this procedure, the program creates a second segment of the datafile, and the second segment has to be presized as you’ll see, and it can be any size you choose, up to 250 MB.

You must follow these instructions very carefully and do NOTHING except what is instructed herein.

During this procedure, you are taken into areas which are powerful in terms of being able to affect your datafile. If you explore, or experiment, in this area, you may very likely “kill” your current datafile completely. This is like surgery to your datafile, so please follow carefully, and do only as instructed

-------------  Adding a datafile segment, step by step instructions.

1. Go into the program.

2. Pull down the “More” menu to “Utilities” to “Add datafile segment”

3. After the 4 or so messages:

4. Pull down the Utilities Menu to to Datafiles, then over to Examine Data File and run that line.  The following window will appear and note that there is another Menu in the Menu bar at the top now, called Data file. 

5. Pull down the Data file menu and select Change Data File Size.  The following window will appear

6. Click the Add Segment button at right and the following window will appear:

It looks like this on the Mac:

On the Mac, just let it hilite the first line as shown here. 

7. Click the OK button.

8. Now you must “size” the new segment. To do this, you will enter a number into the field on the Change data file size window as shown below.

Notice that segment 2 is hilited, because that is the one we’re sizing in the next operation.

 9. Figure out how many megabytes you want, then multiply that by 2,000 and enter the result. For example, if you want 100 megabytes of additional chart storage (a good choice), then enter 200,000.  If you want it to be the largest possible size, which is 250 MB, then enter 500,000.  Then click OK.

 It will create and size this new segment.

 10. Select QUIT under FILE.

 11. Then relaunch the program. Everything will now act normally. The two datafiles will act as one seemlessly for you

 You’re done.  You should now be able to work without interruptions from the message “The Datafiles are full”.

 Thank you for your patience in carrying out this process.