GJ3 Chart Lists


The Chart List is where your charts are kept.  Here, a new chart will appear after you enter it.  You can sort this list, and double click on any chart to open it.  You can hilite multiple, say up to 10 charts, and open them all at once.  The chart list is your jumping off point for working. 

The chart list is usually where you begin, by picking a chart, or hitting the   +   New Chart button.

If you Right Click on a Chart in the List you get a Pop Up Menu, which allows you to access many key Features for the person you have selected .

Here, my name is hilited, I have right clicked on my name, and the main menu of features appears to pop up.

I have gone down that menu and selected “Misc” which produces (see the arrow) a menu that Pops Out of It !

This pop out menu is is the “Miscellaneous Features” menu.

I could go over and select something off that menu now. 

This all shows the pop up menu instant access to features you will come to use often in GJ 3.




The Search Version of the Chart List Window is shown below.  At left is one of it’s pop up menus. This is the Categories you have created on the QuickView window Categories button feature.  Then, you can pull up your custom lists by Category here.  They can be called or for any purpose you like whatsoever.  Charts can below to multiple categories and thus be in multiple lists.

Above is the Search Version of the Chart List Window.  This window, “Search” has all kinds of features on it that allow you to fully manipulate chart lists.  Here you can Search in many ways, sort in many ways, see alot about the charts, save lists.  Everything about searching and sorting can be found here.  It’s quite helfpul.

Above is the Chart List Styles Editor Window.  Yes, you can create the style of your chart lists window by coming here and editing the one’s I’ve put in or making new one’s.  You pick from many choices what columns you want, and their order and size, the font and the coloring aspects of the chart list window.  You can then use different styles on your various windows so they stand out from each other.  Each window remembers it’s style, stays that way.

Above is just an example shot.  The Chart List is the pink window on the left.  The style selected uses a very large type, so it’s easy to see the names (when it’s real on your screen).  The we see the transits window, the list of saved Chart Lists, and the Chart Palette, all running in Windows XP.

These are the parts of the Search Window in real size so you can see them better.

GJ both 2 and 3 come with a huge built in library of famous people, over 3,000.  They are all tagged by what they did or who they are.  As you see above, you can select lists of the famous people by these categories or attributes assigned to them for you already.  So you can find what you need to study, you just pull it up, actresses, actors, presidents, you name it, it’s probably in there... just look at that menu above.

Also notice the list itself.  This is over a ways, in the planet list area. Notice the detail.

Above the XP look, below OSX on Macintosh, main difference is the font smoothing.