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Goravani Jyotish 2.5

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If you need support, you may try by sending an email to Please indicate that you are a "BVS user" or "book CD user". Thank you.  There is no official support, for the book version.  The version offered for download here is more recent than the one included in the book itself.  This version will work on XP and Vista.  There is Mac Classic OS9 support (Very old now) but NO OSX support.  For OSX you have to order our Version 3, and there is not limited edition of it.

FREE DOWNLOADS of the Limited Edition Version

Macintosh System 9 Classic (No OSX Support)

Windows 98 through XP and Vista

View the Getting Started Installation Manual

You can view the Installer Manual using the above link. I recommend you print it as well, once you open the page.