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This is the Goravani Company official website.

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Jyotish Studio - Vedic Astrology Software

Goravani Jyotish has been chosen and is loved by thousands. It’s good.

Goravani Jyotish and Jyotish Studio are Trademarks of Goravani.  Nobody else is authorized to use these names for any purpose. Goravani Jyotish, Jyotish Studio, and this website, are all Copyright 2019 by Goravani.  All Rights Reserved Internationally.

We do business by orders placed through our store, or you can email me directly at  das@goravani.com

We are located in Portland Oregon USA, which is in Pacific Standard Time, same as California, Oregon, Washington States, or BC Canada.

Support for our products is done through E-Mail:  das@goravani.com

Das Goravani is the author of the software, and knows Jyotish and many other subjects extensively. He is available for lecturing or teaching groups, and loves to teach. 

If you are looking at Version 5 or you have purchased it, be SURE to watch the training videos for it on YouTube, see the link.  Be SURE to read the manual as well.  It will be SO helpful to you, we promise!


The way you buy our software is you download it, go to the store and pay for it, and then after you install it on your computer you’ll see “Activation” and you’ll e-mail us the Seed Number it gives you, and we EMail you back the corresponding code that turns on your copy.  You can do this in the future, no problem, no charge, if you need a code again after say a Virus attack, a reformat for any reason, and so on.  You do NOT have to pay for new codes. 

Our version 5 is cross platform and you get both platforms Mac and Windows on the Same CD and the downloads are on this site.

The moment Jyotish Studio 3.9 for Macintosh Mountain Lion OSX was completed, Halloween, 2012

Das Goravani, Inner Wheel, Planets at:         4    5                 9                 12                                24        29/1

Outer Wheel, Moment Finishing:               1                     8     9    10             14                  21   23