Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) Basic Training Tables Series (Free).

This table: Shows the movement of the Sun (Surya or Ravi) through the Signs of the Zodiac, known in Sanskrit as the Rashis or Rasis, which means "Signs". 

Sun Sign Changes
also known as
Surya Sankranti or Solar Ingress
Sidereal Zodiac Used
Therefore varying from standard Western or Tropical positions by around 23 days
The Sun is in: From   To   
 Aries 4/14 5/13
 Taurus 5/14 6/13
 Gemin i 6/14 7/15
 Cancer 7/16 8/15
 Leo 8/16 9/15
 Virgo 9/16 10/16
 Libra 10/17 11/15
 Scorpio 11/16 12/14
 Sagittarius 12/15 1/13
 Capricorn 1/14 2/12
 Aquarius 2/13 3/13
 Pisces 3/14 4/13

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These are constant every year. These are the dates on which the Sun currently changes signs. This is according to the Vedic or Sidereal Solar Year and Zodiac. Because of the tilt of the Earth, known as the Precession of the Equinoxes also, the dates on which the Sun actually changes signs is different from what Western or Tropical Astrology uses by about 23 degrees right now.

In Jyotish, or vedic astrology, this factor or figure in the calculations is referred to as the "Ayanamsa" which really means "the subtracted amount" and is right now, around 23 degrees.

This is what is used by astronomers. In other words, the Sidereal Zodiac, which is used in Jyotish or Hindu Astrology, is the "real one" if you're looking to actually see the planets against the star backdrop of the zodiac in their actual places. In a sense therefore, Western Astrology uses "imaginary" zodiac placements for the planets.

It's important to memorize these. Thereby you can know most everyone's Sun Sign immediately in your mind just upon hearing their birthdate. Then, if you know the time of birth and general location, you can picture in your mind where the Sun would be in the sky, then you can know most likely what house that is, and you already know the sign, so this tells you the likely lagna.

A native born on June 1st 1965 in Sacramento California USA, at 5 in the morning, will have Sun in Taurus firstly, then at 5 in the morning the Sun has not yet risen, but will soon, and so is likely to be in the 2nd house, or just below the eastern horizon, and therefore most likely Aries is rising! See how simple that is.

So in your mind right away you can learn to cast charts and know a persons lagna, and sun sign and house. Then, if you memorize the movements of saturn and jupiter over the last 5 decades, then you can know those in every chart, inside your mind, without any computer, and begin talking to the person somewhat effectively about their karmas.

This is astounding to most people, but it is fairly simple to do. The lists that need to be memorized are few and short. Even a modern American could probably do it, despite their usual lifestyle disadvantages.

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