Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) Basic Training Tables.

This table: Shows the planets again, with their divisions as far as Type, Aspect of self, Directions, Elements, Color, and Gems. 

Names of Months as used in Jyotish, and in creating the Hindu Calendar, called the Panchanga or Panchangam or Panchang, as used still throughout Hindu Society worldwide. Events such as marriages are still carefully planned according to prescriptions given in ancient scriptures. The "Pandits" or "Knowledgable Ones" of the communities often know "Jyotish" which means "Astrology" as taught in classical texts dating back to the time of the other Vedic scriptures in some cases and to which authorship is ascribed to ancient sages similar to those who authored the Vedic spiritual classics.

Hindu Months or Mas
Common Name Vaisnava Name Corresponds to
Chaitra Visnu March-April
Vaisagh Madhusudana April-May
Jyestha Trivikrama May-June
Ashada Vamana June-July
Sravana Sridhara July-August
Bhadra Hrsikesa August-September
Aswin Padmanabha September-October
Kartika Damodar October-November
Margshir Kesava November-December
Pausa Narayana December-January
Magha Madhava January-February
Phalguna Govinda February-March


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