Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) Basic Training Tables.

This table: The drekkana body parts rulership table is given in a number of classical jyotish books. It's use is obviously pertinent to the field of medical astrological research.  

Drekkana Body Parts Rulership Table as used by jyotishis doing medical jyotish or jyotish medical research
 Houses 1st Drekkana 2nd Drekkana 3rd Drekkana
1st House  Head Neck Pelvis
2nd " "   Right Eye Right Shoulder The genital
3rd " "   Right Ear Right Arm Right Testicle/Ovary
4th " "   Right Nostril Right Side Right Thigh
5th " "   Right Cheek Right Heart Right Knee
6th " "   Right Jaw Right Chest Right Calf
7th " "   Mouth Navel Legs
8th " "   Left Jaw Left Chest Left Calf
9th " "   Left Cheek Left Heart Left Knee
10th " "   Left Nostril Left Side Left Thigh
11th " "   Left Ear Left Arm Left Testicle/Ovary
12th " "   Left Eye Left Shoulder Anus


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