Celtic Art
by Rick MacKai

Richard MacKai (aka "Das Goravani" and "Richard Wurst") creates Celtic Art from home in Eugene Oregon. The paintings are acrylics on canvas or hard-board. All materials are high quality. If you're interested in one, email me using das@goravani.com and we will make arrangements. I can take credit cards.
Rik Mach Ai
(Das Goravani)

Rick MacKai can be reached through:
Dancing Moon, Inc., 2852 Willamette St, #353, Eugene OR 97405 USA
800-532-6528 or 541-485-8453 but for best results use email: das@goravani.com

Rick travelled the world studying religions and philosophies. He has also extensively studied Celtic History, Archaeology, Culture and Art. He is a leading programmer of Astrology Software worldwide. He believes there is great correlation between the spinning of planets, the number "pi", or 3, which is found extensively in Celtic art and nature. He knows that this pi has a huge part to play in drawing circles mathematically as in when you write astrology software, and it plays a huge part in the universal creation in which we live.

So, for Rick, Celtic Art is related to beauty, the universe, the circle, and many other aspects of the Divine which surrounds us. To Rick, Celtic art is profound, along with lovely.

This cosmic and deep understanding or feeling for the genre of Celtic Art comes out in the paintings, often found to contain aspects of astrology and space, both of which were studied by the Druids. Rick feels value in knowing his Celtic roots.

The Paintings
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Black Beauty
Four Birds
The Deer
Big Star
Green Vines
Mercury Now
Every Moment is Perfect
Boodika's Hand
Flying Arrow
Red Dragon
Wood Tiger
The Zodiac is Clear
The Zodiac is Big
Druids Table
Horse Rigging
Real Leather Shield
Blue Cross
Grand Hall Shield
Celtic Warrior Woman
Read Sword/Sheath
Mirror with Gems
Sadness is ending
Morrigan and Fish
Triskal Man
Keltic Wheel
Tangle Birds
Tribal Collage
Celtic Artifacts
Goddess Brigid
Stairway to
Stained Knot
Real Copper Spear