"Mercury Now"
by Rick MacKai

This is a 3 by 4 canvas I think...anyway, it's a large painting, and my most recent. I've just entered my "Mercury Period" according to Jyotish Astrology. So I painted this, and Mercury manifested in teh middle, along with a rejoicing person. It's all self manifest, no planned. This is the best example of my Kells like lacing abilities in prograess. A massive amount of Gold paint was used here to create the huge amount of lace. It's all one track, one two line track, the whole thing, so it's a real knot, a real Pictish (Celtic) knot. This is a very impressive piece to be near. It would need it's own lighting, but then it would light up the room with all that gold, giving a very warming effect on whatever den, cubby or lare it graces.

Price: $2000

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