"Morrigan and The Celtosaurus Fish"
by Rick MacKai

These are two separate pieces. The Fish actually has more done on it now, than this older picture shows, oh well. It's better! The fish piece is made out of shells and gems and paint and wood. There are amber gems down the fishes back on top of wooden discs, and in the water are a few pieces of Lapis Lazuli. The head of the fish is a large and perfect star fish Because of the spines on the head, it's not something to hang below todler grasp! (lol) It's an interesting and cooling blue piece.

The Morrigan, or the Irish Celtic Hag, Destiny and Death related personality, the old woman of death and the ravens, depicted here in her tripple raven form. The ravens here are actually a fired clay object, fixed to the wood hardboard background, then covered with gems and painted. There are many gems on this piece, all real semi precious stones of various types. Also, wooden discs are used to raise certain areas. This piece is meant to be an icon, or used on an altar of worship or in the place of knowing or remembering.

Fish Price: $333
Morrigan Price: $633

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